The Transportation Of The Gasoline Of The Cargo ,how It’s Done.

October 22, 2021 By CarBiG4_ay 25,764 views

Gasoline of the cargo tank is a phenomenon that if it leaks into the sea, near a refinery or a residential area, there will be a big problem …

In May last year, after being troubled for two weeks by grounding in … [leave], eventually jumbo tanker at anchor fell on the stone wall of the harbor. The only thing that saved the situation was that the ship had enough gasoline in its cargo tank. Otherwise, it would have been a major environmental pollution incident. Gasoline leaked from the tanker’s cargo tank spread all over, and mercury is also settled on the bottom of the sea. This cost $ 30 million for loss of earnings due to forced anchoring …

The reason for the grounding was simple. Lousy weather had made the pilot lose his footing, but there was also a problem with the tanker’s steering system.

The presence of gasoline on board (gasoline is an important raw material for oil refining) shows that the operation of jumbo tankers has many problems to be solved. The first problem is that size is mainly expanded. Although the crew consists of only 36 people, there is more than ten times the cargo than a regular tanker under the deck, and sometimes up to 30000 tons. Therefore, we must respect the laws of physics more than ever before.

When transporting such large amounts of cargo with high viscosity and low density (like gasoline), we can use a kind of ship that has been developed and is now in service only 1: the jumbo tanker.

Jumbo tanker has a three-point mooring system, and its main engines consist of two units, but it does not have towing winches like regular tankers because it is so big that wind power alone can be used to turn around.

This is the first time a special tanker has been built for this kind of cargo, and design changes will cause many problems.