Top Latest Car Models You Should Consider

October 22, 2021 By CarBiG4_ay 36,096 views

There are a lot of new cars coming out this year, and we have to decide which one is going to be the best for us. There are many features that everyone has their own opinion on, so it can get confusing. Here are some of the Latest car models you should consider:


Mercedes-Benz has already showcased its all-new 2020 coupe at the 2018 Paris Motor Show for the first time. The company is expected to launch it in the next two years with fascinating features and incredible looks.

2. 2021 AUDI Q8

Audi already has the Audi Q7 as their flagship SUV & they are all set to launch its successor, the Audi Q8, with a coupe-like design. This will be a worthy rival for next year onwards Mercedes GLC Class Coupe and Jaguar F-Pace. The company plans to manufacture it in Belgium.

3. 2020 PORSCHE 911

Porsche launched their next-generation 911 in 2020 with a whole new design and an upgraded interior quality. This will be the first time the company has taken this kind of step, and we can expect some fantastic features and long-term benefits from it. This will also come with a four-wheel-drive system and the presence of a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

4. 2020 BMW 3 SERIES

BMW launched the seventh generation of their successful three series in 2020 with some exciting features and changes in design. The vehicle will come with the combination of an eight-speed automatic transmission with either rear or all-wheel-drive system. This will be bigger, wider, lighter, and roomier than its predecessor, but it will be as efficient.


This is one of the most awaited vehicles in off-road segments, and it’s worth waiting for the next five years. This new model features some of the most modern technology that will make it capable of heavy payloads.


Volkswagen has already confirmed the new 2019 Jetta model, and they released it in 2020. The car featured an optional hybrid gasoline-electric powertrain and other significant changes in technology, exterior & interior design.