Some Basic Rules In Driving

October 22, 2021 By CarBiG4_ay 24,236 views

Before we will have a driver’s license, we will attend an orientation first and a seminar for us to become good drivers. After being informed, there will be a driving test for you to properly execute your driving skills for them to know if you are now ready to drive. You are allowed to drive then on national highways especially now that you have your driver’s license. SOME DRIVERS HAVE THE DRIVING SKILLS NEEDED BUT FAILED TO OBEY TRAFFIC REGULATIONS. Some are impatient that they don’t wait for their turn especially when driving at crossroads. As a driver, you need to know those basic rules in driving and follow those rules.

People are all in a hurry, especially during rush hours. Streets and highways with different vehicles pass by now and then like in big cities. That’s why traffic regulations must be followed to ensure the safety of everyone. If you are a good driver, make sure you know and understand all the traffic rules. Always drive within the speed limit required and keep your eyes on the road. Have enough distance from the vehicle in front of you especially when you are in a traffic jam. Do not park or stop on the expressway because it is a violation and it is for your safety. Obey traffic lights as it is required. If the red light is on, you need to stop: if it is green then it’s your time to go and drive forward and when the yellow light is on you need to slow down and prepare to stop. Do not use another’s lane or the opposite late when driving or if you are going to overtake, make sure you will get back on your right lane to avoid car accidents.

You need to be very careful in driving then. IF YOU OBEY TRAFFIC REGULATIONS, IT WOULD BE FOR OWN ADVANTAGE AND THE BENEFIT OF EVERYBODY. So have a safe drive always.