Ways To Improve Driving Efficiency

October 22, 2021 By CarBiG4_ay 20,962 views

Driving can be a very expensive activity for many people, especially in countries where it is necessary. For some, the expenses related to owning and operating a car are simply an unavoidable part of modern life; we must drive in order to get work, carry out errands, and lead generally fulfilling lives. However, these expenses don’t need to be exorbitant. Those who are looking for ways to improve driving efficiency, and maybe even increase their own safety on the road, can try implementing a few very simple changes:

Use cruise control

When traveling at a constant speed with a long patch of highway or tollway you can save yourself around five percent in fuel costs by using the cruise control feature.

Get into a good driving routine

Don’t speed excessively or break without cause. You will be able to save fuel by keeping your car in the right gear at all times, ensuring that you’re not putting too much stress on your engine. Also, don’t drive when you’re tired. It’s dangerous, and also uses up far more fuel.

Keep your tires inflated correctly

Driving around on underinflated tires wastes gas, makes you lose control of the car, and wears out your wheels much faster than is necessary.

Keep your engine in good condition

If you give your vehicle a little bit of extra TLC, the benefits will be twofold; not only will you be able to save yourself money on repairs and fuel consumption in the future, but your car is likely to last longer if you keep it in good condition.

Avoid rush hour

It’s simply an unavoidable fact that most people try their hardest to avoid rush hour. If you come upon a massive traffic jam, try to avoid going into overdrive and whizzing past everyone else. Instead, let them get on with it and enjoy the benefits of your low fuel consumption while they’re stuck in a queue.

Stop using premium gas

You might have been told that it’s worth pumping premium onto your vehicle, but this is simply not the case. Unless you have a high-performance or luxury vehicle, using mid-grade gas is far more beneficial for your wallet, and will help protect the life of your engine.

If you follow the above tips, they will improve driving efficiency.