Things To Know About Driver’s Seat

October 22, 2021 By CarBiG4_ay 13,333 views

Drivers have an important role to do not just for him but for their passengers as well. I learned how to drive recently and it is important to check first the parts of the vehicle before using it like the tires, the brake, the gasoline indicator and other parts of the vehicle. In my driving experience, I need to be alert and awake to make sure everything went smoothly. My senses are all functioning when I drive especially my sense of touch, sight and hear. As a driver, you need to feel comfortable when you drive especially when you travel to a long-distance destination.

The driver seat is the place where the person who drives sits inside the car. The driver must be in the driver’s seat because he is the one who is in full control of the car. He is the one driving, so a driver must be sited in a driving position that is not too close or not too far to the stirring wheel. Follow the right driving position and make sure your back press rightly against the backrest. If you are not comfortable sitting in a driver’s seat, you can make seat adjustments if you want. The control of the brake and the clutch and other important parts are located in the driver seat, so a driver must know the function of each part and how to use it well.

The driver seat also means authority, power and dominance. May you use your authority as a driver by making sure everyone is safe riding with you inside the car. Do not use your power by being reckless, instead, obey all rules and respect the rights of every driver. You are seated in a driver ‘s seat and that means you are the one who is in charge not only of the car you’re driving but especially to the passengers who are riding with you. So please drive carefully for you to reach your destination safely.