How Well Do You Know Your Car Brake Pads

October 22, 2021 By CarBiG4_ay 29,788 views

How Well Do You Know Your Car Brake Pads

A car brake pad is a key essential component in your car’s braking system that makes it easier for you to stop your car after pressing the brake pedal. They are designed from a flat piece of steel with friction materials on one side. This makes it so much convenient to stop your moving wheels. Ideally, wheels rotate so fast therefore getting them to stop by use friction causes stress on the brake pad which makes them wear off eventually. Also, your driving style and how often you drive affects the rate at which your brake pad wears off. If you are prone to driving through heavier traffic, you will be prompted to use your brakes more often therefore you will need to replace these brake pads frequently.

Types of brake pads

They are different types of brake pads, namely:

Organic brake pads

These brake pads are very soft and wear off so easily after a shorter period. They are well known to generate huge amounts of brake dust particles.

Semi-metallic brake pads

You will find these brake pads mostly in new cars that are being sold today. Since they are metallic, they are heat resistant especially during higher temperatures but not efficient during low temperatures. It is advisable for installation by those who drive more frequently.

Ceramic brake pads

They are more efficient and expensive when compared to semi-metallic brake pads. You can use them during high-performance applications.

Whenever you have your wheels off, you should always ask the mechanic to check out if your brake pads need some replacement. They usually inspect their thickness and conditions.

You will always know that your brake pads need replacement when;

-You hear some screeching sounds when you apply brakes

-You stop at a longer distance

-Hearing some squealing noises as you drive

You should never ignore any of the signs because the rotors will get damaged as well. So get the replacements as soon as possible for a smooth driving experience.